Up to $10,000 available for homebuyers in Monmouth County!

Address Yourself is excited to announce its initiative for low-moderate income homebuyers in Monmouth County, NJ. Address Yourself is offering between $2,000 and $10,000 for families interested in purchasing a home in Monmouth County. These grants can be used to pay conventional or FHA down payments, VA funding fees or closing costs. Call 732 640 2061, ext 310 today to discuss your eligibility for this product! If you don’t have time to call, fill out this online form (here) to schedule a call with Address Yourself to discuss your homeownership journey.

Address Yourself designed these grants to make homeownership accessible and easy for people who haven’t been treated fairly by the existing mortgage market. If you’ve applied for a mortgage and been turned away because of credit or a down payment, contact us today. First, we will help you grow your credit and prepare you for homeownership; next, we’ll put you in contact with a lender who has your best interests in mind. Finally, if it turns out that you need additional funds for your down payment, Address Yourself will grant them to you free of charge.

If you’re interested in this product but don’t feel you’re ready for homeownership, don’t worry. Call 732 640 2061, ext 310 to discuss free credit repair, housing counseling and enrolling as a credit union member. Become an expert in the homeownership process. Call today and Address Yourself!

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