NOW AVAILABLE: $15,000 for veterans buying a home in Hudson County!

Address Yourself is happy to announce a new program for veterans in partnership with Hudson County Economic Development Corporation. Address Yourself is now offering $15,000 in down payment assistance to qualified veterans looking to purchase a home in Hudson County, NJ. These grants can be used to pay VA funding fees, down payments or closing costs. Call 732 640 2061, ext 310 today to discuss your eligibility for this product! If you don’t have time to call, fill out this online form (here) to schedule a call with Address Yourself to discuss your homeownership journey.

This product works perfectly for veterans who want to use their VA benefits to purchase a home. Veterans know that their benefits entitle them to purchase a home with no money down besides a 2.2% funding fee. For a $200,000 home, a veteran could expect to have to wait and save up $4,400 in order to qualify to purchase a home. Add to that the closing costs that come with getting a mortgage loan (sometimes as much as $10,000!) and it can take a while for anyone to prepare for homeownership. Fortunately, the new product that Address Yourself offers to veterans can get you in a home today. All $15,000 can be used to pay VA funding fees and closing costs. The grants can also contribute to any down payments the veteran would like to make against their mortgage loan.

If you’re interested in this product but don’t feel you’re ready for homeownership, don’t worry. Call 732 640 2061, ext 310 to discuss free credit repair, housing counseling and enrolling as a credit union member and become an expert in the homeownership process. Call today and Address Yourself!


– $15,000 available for Veterans!

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